Welcome to the Hastings Police Department's

Citizen Services Website

The Hastings Police Department is dedicated to delivering proactive and up to date law enforcement services to the community through an established partnership with its citizens. Each member of the department is committed to providing quality and professional services during each citizen contact.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to the community and have partnered with our current Public Safety Software vendor, ProPhoenix Corporation, to extend additional alternatives to the citizens of the community.  Basic information relative to the police department - structure, mission, history, etc., can be found by visiting our police page on the City website.  

The purpose of this site is to provide an additional alternative to citizens for obtaining information or for reporting certain types of incidents. 

Use the menu located on the left side of this page to access the following services.  

Please note:  some services will require you to register as a user before you can access those services.   Register here or click on "I Want To" under the menu located on the left side of this page. 

  • Report Online  Allows you to report incidents such as Vandalism (Damage to Property), Theft from Motor Vehicle and Lost Property.  Only incidents that occur within the city limits of Hastings can be reported. 

  • Complaints  (Must be a registered user):  Allows you to submit complaints such as parking complaints, traffic complaints and personnel complaints. (Click on "Services" under the menu located on the left side of this page AFTER you have registered to access this service.) 

  • House Check  (Must be a registered user)Allows you to submit a request to have our officers check on your home while you are away for short periods of time.  (Click on "Services" under the menu located on the left side of this page AFTER you have registered to access this service)             

As a registered user of this site you will be able to provide police with emergency contact information, key holder information and other important information about your household - just click on "My Profile" after you log in.  

We thank you in advance for your patience while using this new online service and ask that you please report any problems you experience by sending a detailed email to HPD@hastingsmn.gov so we may bring it to the attention of our Public Safety Software Vendor, ProPhoenix Corporation, immediately.